zuri story works

Who We Are

Zuri Story Works is a non-profit production company composed of award winning filmmakers, artists, photographers, designers, educators, and activists. We are dedicated to introducing audiences to the rich and diverse stories of Black visual storytellers. We nurture and support early professional storytellers who create stories that entertain, inspire, and advance social change.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to train and support content creators of African descent who are committed to creating visually engaging, imaginative stories that explore the complexity of the human experience.

Our Work

We support our filmmakers by becoming advisors and advocates. We train production teams in the business of the filmmaking, provide mentorship to strengthen the films, and guidance on how to reach wide audiences.

Our Model

We have a unique model of equity investment and partnership. We work with our filmmakers to achieve the mutually beneficial goal of telling compelling stories, reaching diverse audiences, and creating revenue for the creators and films we support.

Behind it all

Our Team

Andrene M. Taylor, PhD

/ Founder + Chief Creative

Koffi Assouan

/ Operations + Collaboration Lead

Simon Kim

/ Storyteller / Production Chief


We are committed to cultivating the next generation of visual storytellers and creative entrepreneurs for the media and film industries. Through our training program, The Kipaji Lab, we offer hands-on creative and film training experiences to emerging visual content creators. Our signature training and personal course, Creativity as Practice, which is grounded in transformative learning centers creativity and transformational trains participants to be innovative visual storytellers.


Upon completion of our training program, 90% of students report that the program has positive and permanent shifts in their lives and their creative process. These shifts are a direct result of the power, freedom of imagination, confidence, and productivity they have achieved. We understand that this shift is what is needed to fulfill the vision of telling stories of Black humanity.

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